August 10, 1996 - CRITIC'S CHOICE AWARD John Lannert writes… “A passionate guitarist with an appealing feather-soft baritone, Deaguero purveys a smart brand of jazz-tinged Latino pop suitable for progressive Spanish pop stations as well as open-minded US AC outlets. Leisurely paced title track – Lo Sabes – is a pleasant, straight-up, pop ballad duet with Ashleigh Metcalf Jordan – might even pique interest at regional Mexican radio.”

[THE SMOOTH JAZZ RIDE-CD REVIEW 7/21/13] Ronald Jackson writes "Talk about your smooth jazz. Guitarist Daniel Deaguero, with his latest release titled Infusion, ushers in smooth like one would welcome an old friend into his/her home. The CD is fluid, tender where it needs to be, and smoky on other tracks. Over the span of two decades, Deaguero has recorded contemporary jazz, Latin jazz, and rock/pop fusion albums, demonstrating his diverse skill and firm understanding of the spirit and feel of music. All of that can be heard here on this latest effort. This album, for the most part, has some very stirring and strong material and, while I won’t say that I wholly embrace all of the material, that which did capture my ear really captured it. Standout tracks include the jazzy, Latin/Brazilian-laced “Street Talk,” the sax-tight and mellow “Mr. Smooth” (featuring BB Reyes providing the sax honors), the cool, laid-back and slightly bluesy “Misty Morning,” the mid-tempo tune “Touch My Soul” which boasts lots of quality and expressive sax work by Reyes, as well as searing lead guitar moments (here’s where the rock fusion element makes its entrance). There’s also the suave, well-phrased “Peak Love” (another quality tune to which Reyes adds an exclamation point), the Latinesque “Sugar Man,” and “The Hood” with its heavy Hammond B3 presence (courtesy of Michael James) and Deaguero’s fiery guitar action. All in all, it is pretty clear to me that Deaguero sought to intrigue, stimulate, and captivate with this eclectic mix of jazz. I’d say he succeeded."

LO SABES, "Caliente" track awarded "Salsa/Tropical Song of the Year" and "Instrumental Song of the Year"

Jim McCarthy writes, "MALO ROCKS THE ROCKIES, produced by Daniel Deaguero, is considered to be MALO’s best live album to date."

Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE:  December 30, 2020: 

PRESS RELEASE:  June 21, 2014:  Enjoy listening to "Misty Morning" from the Infusion CD now playing on Commercial Airlines - United & Continental in-flight music.

PRESS RELEASE:  May 20, 2014Enjoy listening to the entire "INFUSION" CD on Ethiopian Airlines in-flight music!

PRESS RELEASE: November 20, 2013:  Can You Feel It? CD now available at Barnes and Noble Bookstores!

PRESS RELEASE: October 15, 2013: Cres O'Neal - WCJS now programming "Dawnbreaker" from the INFUSION CD

PRESS RELEASE: September 10, 2013:  iHeartRadio now playing Dawnbreaker, The Hood and Sugar Man from the Infusion CD

PRESS RELEASE: August 14, 2013:

BBC Derby debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in Derby, England.

PRESS RELEASE: August 16, 2013:
Radio Jackie debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD in North Surrey, England.

PRESS RELEASE: August 14, 2013:
Alive Radio 107.3 welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to Dumfries, UK.

PRESS RELEASE: August 12,2013:
CBS Interactive Music Group welcomes  Daniel Deaguero

PRESS RELEASE: August 10,2013:
Clyde 1 Radio welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to Glasgow, Scotland.

PRESS RELEASE: August 8,2013:
JazzNet247 Radio Europe debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in Dombirn, Austria.

PRESS RELEASE: August 6,2013: Radio debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD in Pennsylvania.

PRESS RELEASE: August 4,2013:
WSNC Radio debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in North Carolina.

PRESS RELEASE: August 2,2013:
Smooth Jazz and More Radio welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to New York.

PRESS RELEASE: August 1,2013:
CruisenJazz/WPMJ debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in New York

PRESS RELEASE: July 31,2013:
WCJS Radio debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in Maryland.

PRESS RELEASE: July 30,2013:
Jazzy Lounge debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in Illinois.

PRESS RELEASE: July 29,2013:
WRTC-FM Radio welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to Hartford, CT.

PRESS RELEASE: July 28,2013:
BluePlate Radio debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in Branford, CT.

PRESS RELEASE: July 27,2013:
Smooth Groove Phoenix debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in Arizona.

PRESS RELEASE: July 26,2013:
Hearmobile,net  Radio debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  In Alabama.

PRESS RELEASE: July 25,2013:
Radio Hafren debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in Wales.

PRESS RELEASE: July 24,2013:
Hospital Radio Reading welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to Royal Berkshire, England.

PRESS RELEASE: July 23,2013:
Redroad FM 102.4 Radio welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to Rotherham, England.

PRESS RELEASE: July 22,2013:
Seahaven FM Radio welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to England.

PRESS RELEASE: July 21,2013:
Purple Radio welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to England.

PRESS RELEASE: July 20,2013:
Hot FM Smooth Grooves Radio welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to the United Kingdom.

PRESS RELEASE: July 19,2013: welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to the United Kingdom.

PRESS RELEASE: July 18,2013:
Bauer Radio Network welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to the United Kingdom.

PRESS RELEASE: July 17,2013: welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to Spain.

PRESS RELEASE: July 16,2013:
QFM 94.3 debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in Spain.

PRESS RELEASE: July 15,2013:
Isles FM  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to Stornoway, Scotland.

PRESS RELEASE: July 14,2013:
Nevis Radio debuts  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  in Scotland.

PRESS RELEASE: July 13,2013:
Radio Seagull welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to the Netherlands.

PRESS RELEASE: July 12,2013:
Galaxie Music Channel welcomes  Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION CD  to Canada.

PRESS RELEASE: July 11,2013:
2CCR-FM Radio debutes Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION in Sydney, Australia.

PRESS RELEASE: July 10,2013:
WMWM Radio debutes Daniel Deaguero
INFUSION in Massachusetts.

PRESS RELEASE: July 9,2013:
Sirius XM Satellite Radio has added
five tracks from INFUSION to their

PRESS RELEASE: July 7,2013:
FM5280 Smooth Jazz debutes
Daniel Deaguero INFUSION in

PRESS RELEASE: July 6,2013:

Daniel Deaguero INFUSION sweeps
accross the United Kingdom, Europe
and Russia on Rod Lucas syndicated
Best Smooth Jazz program with airplay
on internet, satellite and 155 Radio Stations.

PRESS RELEASE: July 2,2013:
Daniel Deaguero INFUSION debutes
on Canadian radio in Vancouver.

PRESS RELEASE: July 1,2013:
Daniel Deaguero INFUSION debutes
on US radio on The Source Smooth Jazz.

PRESS RELEASE: July 1,2013:

Night Beat Jazz is pleased to announce
Daniel Deaguero's latest Jazz release
"INFUSION" is available in stores and
online today!

PRESS RELEASE:  May 16,2013:
Night Beat Jazz artist Daniel Deaguero "Fused" track
from the "Can You Feel It?" CD is #10
in the Canary Island Top 40 Charts.  See

PRESS RELEASE: May 15, 2013:

Night Beat Jazz is pleased to announce the upcoming
release of Daniel Deaguero's 5th Jazz Release entitled
INFUSION, an eclectic collection "infused" with multiple
genres including Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Contemporary
Jazz and Jazz/Rock Fusion.. IN STORES 7/1/2013!

PRESS RELEASE: November 2, 2011:
Night Beat artist, Daniel Deaguero, has begun production
on his next CD, due to be released spring 2012.

PRESS RELEASE: October 20, 2011:
Microsoft corporation has contracted to license Night Beat
Jazz artist Daniel Deaguero's " Smooth Groove" selection
from the" Can You Feel It?" CD. The tune will be available to
ZUNE customers and future Microsoft enterprises.

PRESS RELEASE: September 8, 2011:
Night Beat Jazz has begun production on Mobil Ap products
that will soon be available as a free download to iPhone and
Android users.

PRESS RELEASE: August 5, 2011:
Night Beat welcomes Sirius XM Satellite Radio - WaterColors
to the family of radio stations playing Daniel Deaguero!

PRESS RELEASE: July 10, 2011:
Eurpoean Jazz radio embraces Daniel Deaguero's NIGHT GROOVE
with new stations added daily and heavy airplay rotation.

PRESS RELEASE: June 17,2011:
Daniel will be performing at the SPRING SPREE celebration
June 18 and 19 at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs.
Stop by the NIGHT BEAT JAZZ vendor booth to meet Daniel.

PRESS RELEASE: May 4,2010: 

Daniel Deaguero's CAN  YOU FEEL IT? CD continues to gain airplay.
Bilboard Magazine reports the "Smooth Groove" track  is
#2 Most Added
on Satellite Radio... chart also reports 70 spins this week for the "Can You Feel It?" track and six new
stations have added Daniel Deaguero to their playlist!

DMX Cable Radio/"Jazz Vocal Blend" channel ("Smooth Groove")
DMX Cable Radio/"Smooth Jazz" channel ("Smooth Groove")
Smooth Grooves Radio/U.K.
WHCR/Harlem, NY (
KZCT/Vallejo, CA

PRESS RELEASE: April 27,2010: 

Daniel Deaguero's CAN YOU FEEL IT? continues to gain favor at radio stations across the US. reports
66 spins this week at the following radio stations....

WCWA/Toledo, OH and Internet ("The Mike Scott Jazz Show") ("The Jazz Corner")

PRESS RELEASE: April 20,2010:

Daniel Deaguero's CAN YOU FEEL IT? continues to gain favor at radio stations across the US. reports 66 spins this week at the following radio stations....

WSCA - Portsmouth, NH
KUWS - Superior, WI
KUR - Kutztown, PA
WITD - Jersey City NJ
KUNV 91.5 FM - Las Vegas, NV
WFSS 91.9 FM - Fayetteville, NC
KOKY 102.1 FM - Littlerock, AR
WVOF - Fairfield CT
KPVU 91.3 FM - Houston, TX
WEIB 106.3 FM - Springfield, MA
WMWM 91.7 FM - Salem, MA
WJAB 90.9 FM - Huntsville, AL


Daniel Deaguero’s "CAN YOU FEEL IT?" IS #7 ON THE WITD TOP 25!
WITD- Jersey City, NJ


SMOOTHJAZZ.COM reports Daniel Deaguero "Can You Feel It?" is
#4 on this week's TOP 10 SPINCREASES!

PRESS RELEASE: April 6, 2010

Denver., CO – reports five additional stations have added Daniel Deaguero “Can You Feel it?” to their playist.
Daniel Deaguero CAN YOU FEEL IT? ranks #5 in MOST RADIO STATIONS ADDED This Week.
The new stations reported twenty three plays in 2 days landing Daniel Deaguero #10 in the TOP 10 SPINCREASES.

PRESS RELEASE: April 5, 2010

Smooth Jazz Radio welcomes Daniel Deaguero’s “Can You Feel It?” CD
Smooth Jazz recording artist Daniel Deaguero thunders into jazz radio this week with his “Can You Feel It?” CD. Nine of ten tracks were written by Daniel. Daniel says, “I wanted the audience to "feel" what I was feeling when I wrote the song. No one song stands alone, I created this collection of songs to speak to a wide range of emotions.” “Can You Feel It?” delivers the intent... with energetic tunes like “Fused”, to the soul-soothing sound of “Majesty.”

Since releasing his debut jazz album, “Night Groove” in 1992, Night Beat recording artist Daniel Deaguero released “Airborne” in 1996, “Colorado Sunset” in 2002 and “Can You Feel It?” in 2009. Daniel has received critical acclaim by Billboard magazine and has received numerous Music Association awards.

Daniel Deaguero kicks off his fourth jazz effort with his signature fluid jazz solos, accentuated by the unparalleled talent of saxophonist Tony “TAZ” Sandoval.
Be watching as Daniel kicks off his summer tour in Denver. For a complete list of upcoming concerts and more, visit Daniel online at or

Daniel is already working on his next studio album. Daniel shares “Being in the studio is always an awesome experience when you're in the studio and you're bringing your songs to life.” Though no firm release date has been set, look for Daniel’s next album to hit stores this fall.